Home Owners Association Board of Directors

December 20, 2007 Meeting Minutes


Directors Present

Bob Thonhoff, Monique Wells, Russell Bach, Dyan Tullia, Christie Hawkins-Rath

Others Present

Carl Gamble, Dwayne Dietrich



Meeting Agenda


  1. Homeowners Comments and Questions



  1. Minutes

11-15-2007 meeting minutes approved.


  1. ACC Report - Kelly Rath


      Esteve: 12300 Red Mesa Hollow playscape approved


      Overway/Mao: 12004 Onion Hollow Run storage shed project

      Wilson: 12501 Barker Hollow Cove exterior paint project

      LaBorde: 3309 Barker Hollow Pass - remodel

Other Items

      Dwayne Dietrich will need to have successor appointed by the BOD. Gernot Albrecht has volunteered to serve. Christie will ask him to attend the January meeting.


  1. Property Manager Report Carl Gamble

      All homeowners are up to date on dues and no violations are outstanding.

      Holiday decorating contest to be judged this weekend. Bob to judge and place signs. Carl to request checks for winners.


  1. Treasurer Report Russell Bach

HOA is on budget with exception of the attorney fees for the rate case. ~$50/house assessment estimated for remainder of costs. The fee will likely be assessed sometime in 2008.


  1. Old Business

      Directory and Newsletter Christie Rath

Postcards for the neighborhood can be ready anytime and will need to be delivered to specific addresses. Dyan and Monique are willing to deliver the week after Christmas. Christie will bring a prototype of the directory to the January meeting. The BOD had suggestions as to the content: Alphabetical by street, alphabetical by name, street map, plat (Carl to send e-mail), utility information, emergency numbers, web address, school information, Carls information. We also want to put how to get a directory on the website when it is complete.

The newsletter went out. 2008 advertising rates: business Card $10; page $15; page $25; full page $50; provided insert $25. Mail & More is interested I advertising next time we publish.


      Speed Limits on Edwards Hollow Run and Brodie Lane Russell Bach

The county said they conducted a motion study on Edwards Hollow Run and were making no change. Russ will write a formal letter indicating that the HOA is requesting they revisit their decision based on standardization in the neighborhood (only street @ 35 mph). Russ will also follow up and check about the discrepancy in the north and south speed limits on a segment of Brodie Lane.


      ESHHOA Logo Monique Wells

The prize should be awarded to the winner, John Meskey. Monique will follow up with BOD requested refinements.


      Legal Matter Christie Rath

Christie to contact Connie Heyer to have her notify homeowner that the HOA reserves the right to remove the portion of the wall on the easement and that no one but the HOA can build on the easement with or without ACC approval.


      Sign on Green Emerald Christie Rath

One homeowner in the Estates at Southland Oaks indicated that she did not think homeowners in that area would be interested in joining our HOA at this time. Either way the BOD decided to pursue installing a larger sign at the entrance to the ESH on Green Emerald Terrace. Bob will check with his contact at Travis County.


      Fire Hydrant Marking and Testing Bob Thonhoff

The road markers are still not up. Bob will follow up with the Fire Department..


      Karst Caves Monique Wells

Monique made contact with a regional Boy Scout director. He has Moniques card and said he would contact her about the project.


  1. New Business

      Sidewalk on Brodie Christie Rath

Travis County is building a sidewalk from Squirrel Hollow to the county line. The BOD voted to pursue a joint request to the City of Austin from neighboring HOAs to continue the sidewalk to Slaughter Lane. Christie will contact Shady Hollow and Oak Parke HOAs to assess their interest.


      Land on Brodie Lane- Dwayne Dietrich

The 10 acres next to the existing fire station has been purchased. Indications are that a full-fledged fire station is planned for next year. The property behind that is empty.


      Welcome Kit

Put on January meeting agenda for discussion.


      Appreciation for Bailey and Fire Hall

Put on January meeting agenda for discussion. Carl usually handles this for the HOA.


  1. Next ESHHOA BOD Meeting

      Meeting scheduled for January 17, 2008 at 6:00pm @ Manchaca Fire Hall on FM1626. Christie will make sure this is correct on the website.


Meeting Adjourned.