Home Owners Association Board of Directors

November 15, 2007 Meeting Minutes




Directors Present

Bob Thonhoff, Monique Wells, Russell Bach, Dyan Tullia, Christie Hawkins-Rath

Others Present

Carl Gamble



Meeting Agenda

This was the rescheduled annual Homeowners meeting so a number of homeowners attended. Homeowners present: Dwayne Dietrich, J.C. Domingue, Jeff Macy, Victoria Harkins, Dan Sholly, Linda Zoromsky, Glen and Donna Alexander, E.T Tullia, Gernot Albrecht, Ungehahs

The BOD conducted a brief agenda and then proceeded with the annual meeting business and homeowners concerns.


  1. Minutes

09-20-2007 and 10-20-2007 BOD meeting minutes approved.


  1. ACC Report - Kelly Rath


     Scotti: 3913 Lost Oasis Hollow pool and fence project approved.

     Plevich: 3801 Lost Cavern Cove workshop/garage project approved.

     Johnson: 3710 Ebony Hollow Cove fence/landscaping project approved.

     Cherico: 3804 Green Emerald Terrace fence project approved.


     Overway/Mao: 12004 Onion Hollow Run storage shed project

     Wilson: 12501 Barker Hollow Cove exterior paint project

Other Items

     Kelly Raths and E.T. Tullias two year terms are up. Both are willing to continue to serve if needed.


  1. Property Manager Report Carl Gamble

     All homeowners are up to date on dues and no violations are outstanding.

     Holiday decorating contest coming up if the HOA wants to sponsor for 2007.


  1. Treasurer Report Russell Bach

HOA is on budget with exception of the attorney fees for the rate case. $50/house assessment estimated for remainder of costs.


  1. Old Business

     Directory and Newsletter Christie Rath

Postcards for neighborhood to respond about directory entry will go out in December. Newsletter is 60-70% finished and will go out before the end of the year.

     Speed Limits on Edwards Hollow Run and Brodie Lane Russell Bach

The county said they conducted a study on Edwards Hollow Run. Russ will follow up and check about the discrepancy in the north and south speed limits on a segment of Brodie Lane.

     Fire Hydrant Marking and Testing Bob Thonhoff

Bob called the Manchaca Fire Department and they indicate that that had been waiting for cooler weather and would be out during the next week.

     Aqua Texas Rate Case Victoria Harkins

TCEQ Commissioner appointed estimate our case may make the TCEQ agenda early 2008.


  1. New Business

     Homeowner Comments and Questions

A number of homeowners commented that the water pressure in their homes has been very bad. One homeowner said their bill was completely out-of-whack and they had poor response from our provider.

     Logo Contest

Judgment on the submissions has been postponed until there is a full BOD present so this will be on the December meeting agenda.

     2008 Board of Directors Election

Bob Thonhoff called for additional nominations for 2008 ESHHOA BOD positions followed by introductions of the candidates. The election was held and the new directors are Dwayne Dietrich and Dyan Tullia.

     Amendment to CC&Rs

There was a vote to capitalize the m in member in Article 4, Section 2, second line. The amendment was passed.


  1. Next ESHHOA BOD Meeting

     Meeting rescheduled for 12/20/2007 at 6:00pm @ Manchaca Fire Hall on FM1626.


Meeting Adjourned.