Home Owners’ Association Board of Directors

October 18, 2007 Meeting Minutes



Directors Present 

Bob Thonhoff, Monique Wells, Russell Bach, Dyan Tullia, Christie Hawkins-Rath

Others Present

Carl Gamble



Meeting Agenda


  1. Homeowner Comments and Questions

This was the scheduled annual Homeowners’ meeting so a number of homeowners attended but a quorum was not met.  Homeowners present: Dwayne Dietrich, John McGraw, April Schweighart, Warren Grobman, J.C. Domingue, Jeff Macy, Victoria Harkins.

The BOD conducted a brief agenda and then opened the floor up to homeowners.


  1. Minutes

     09-20-2007 BOD meeting minutes reviewed and sent for a couple revisions.


  1. Homeowners Concerns and HOA BOD Responses

Ř      Aqua Texas Rate Case/Legislative Items – In-depth history and update provided by Victoria Harkins.  Here are the highlights:

o      03/2002 case started; preliminary hearing had 100+ HOAs represented.  The HOAs organized into regions.  SW Region represents ~900 homes, SE Region represents ~1600 homes.

o      TCEQ is short a commissioner.  When the issue is on the TCEQ agenda, the SE Region will bring buses of homeowners.  We will want to represent ourselves as well.

o      There are three tests to group water systems as “substantially similar.”

o      Rate case legal surcharge was originally approved for 60 months and should have ceased in February 2007.  It still appears on our bills.  The governor has now questioned the TCEQ as to why they have not asked Aqua Texas about the surcharge.   

Ř      “Friendship to Manchaca” Power Lines – Monique provided an update.  The final placement of the power lines is not final.  There are still discussions with the COA on route and a study is being conducted due to the geological make-up of the area.


Ř     BOD Nominations- Bob Thonhoff asked the attendees for nominations for the two openings on the ESHHOA BOD.  Nominees: Bob Thonhoff, Dwayne Dietrich, Dyan Tullia, and J.C. Domingue.

Ř     Door Prizes – Three $50 gift certificates were randomly drawn and awarded to (non BOD) homeowners present at the meeting. 

Ř     Signs for HOA Annual Meeting – Neighborhood signs in John McGraw’s garage and he will post before the November meeting.


  1. Next ESHHOA BOD meeting

Ř     Annual homeowners meeting rescheduled for 11/15/2007 at 6:00pm @ Bailey Middle School.  No conflicts reported at this time.


Meeting Adjourned.