Home Owners’ Association Board of Directors

September 20, 2007 Meeting Minutes


Directors Present 

Bob Thonhoff, Monique Wells, Russell Bach

Others Present

Carl Gamble


Meeting Agenda


  1. Homeowner Comments and Questions

No Homeowners present.


  1. Minutes

     08-15-2007 BOD meeting reviewed and approved


  1. ACC Report - Kelly Rath


Ø     Chalmers:  3310 Lost Oasis Hollow – basketball goal approved.


  1. Property Manager’s Report – Carl Gamble

Ø     All homeowners up to date on fees. BOD voted to send a letter asking homeowner with multiple unapproved sheds to remove them before selling the property.  Christie was unavailable to present letter for BOD review. 


  1. Treasure’s Report – Russell Bach

Ø     HOA on budget year-to-date.

Ø     Russell asked question about the checking to money market transactions – which direction were the funds moving.


  1. Old Business

Ø      Aqua Texas Rate Case/Legislative Items – October for TCEQ agenda.  Bob provided an update for the BOD. 

Ø      LCRA Letter – Monique spoke with John Dupnik and Kevin Thuesen on LCRA power line route.  There are still discussions with the COA on route.  LCRA is performing an underground study/survey to locate karsts/sinkholes to determine route of power lines.  Still undecided for now.  Monique will keep posted on this issue.

Ø      Logo Contest – Received 5 logos.  No decision made on winner due to 2 members missing.  Will try and discuss next meeting.

Ø      Directory – Christie was unable to attend the meeting for update.

Ø      Drainage/Sinkholes – Need to include an article in newsletter for an Eagle Scout project.

Ø      City of Austin Land Update – Monique contacted Robert of the City.  Staff member called back and informed us that the land is supposed to be a “natural habitat” and no mowing on the site.  Monique to follow up with Robert again.  Trash/lawn clipping removal – clean up area.

Ø      Refinements to Bylaws and CC&Rs – Directors agree to start reviewing over the next few months to identify items that need to be discussed for updating, adding, or deleting.  BOD brought up a few historical issues that need to be addressed – capitalize “H” in “homeowner” to clean up legal language; satellite dish rules; watering during declared drought; rain collection systems – ACC approved, screened, backyard, etc.  Will discuss further in next meeting.

Ø      High Grass at Green Emerald Entrance – Monique contacted county to mow area and remove tallow tree from ditch.  Area mowed and tree to be removed soon.

Ø      Mosquito Control – The number is provided in the old directory.  BOD not responsible for contacting for spraying in EHS.  Homeowners can contact County for spraying.


  1. New Business

Ø     Door Prizes for Annual HOA Meeting. – Carl to purchase 3- $50 gift certificates for door prizes for the annual meeting. 

Ø     Signs for HOA Annual Meeting – Carl to look for old signs to post along main roads of EHS if available.

Ø     Monument Sign Landscaping – Monique is authorized to work with the landscape company on the redesign and improvements to the sign area.

Ø     Cost of Ads – Discussion on cost of ads for newsletter.  Will discuss with other members in next meeting.  Recommended costs:

Business card size - $10

¼ page - $15

½ page - $25

Full page - $50

Ø     Newsletter Articles – Everyone to provide articles.  Some suggestions:

o      Information on October Election

o      Fire Hydrant Codes (Bob)

o      Boy Scout Project – Sinkholes (Bob)

o      Solar Panels – Rebate/Energy Savings (Dyan)


  1. Next ESHHOA BOD meeting

Ø     Regularly scheduled for 10/18/2007 at 6:00pm @ Bailey Middle School.  No conflicts reported at this time.


Meeting Adjourned.