Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
January 11, 2007


Board Members: Russell Bach, Jeannie Doege, Christie Rath. Monique Wells, Bob Thonhoff
Property Manager: Carl Gamble
Victoria Harkins

1.Homeowner Comments and Questions - No homeowners present

2. Previous minutes reviewed and approved

3. ACC report from Kelly Rath via Christie Rath - approved

4. Property Manager’s Report - Carl Gamble

15 people have not paid $50 for the supplementary fee for the lawsuit against Aqua TX. Collection letters will be sent out.

Winners of the Holiday contest.

5. Treasure’s Report - given by Carl since no official Treasure has been nominated

Reviewed budget and described items/categories for new members

6. Old Business:

Aqua TX rate case - Victoria provided a brief update (see attached copy of the case update summary)

OHAN - brief discussion occurred on whether to remain member of OHAN. Will review/discuss in further detail at next meeting.

Travis/Hays Alliance of Communities - it was discussed and the general consensus was that ESHHOA will not be a member but will participate in issues that directly involve or could have the potential to affect ESH.

Newsletter - Jeannie will contact Peel to discuss timelines, content, and format of the newsletter

Drainage - Bob and Monique volunteered to attempt to locate the sink holes. Once this is completed, Monique will contact COA or BSEACD to ask for assistance in restoring the sink holes.

Refinements to Bylaws - Bob will contact John Anderson and ask him for an update on the updating/compressing the CCR into one document. It was mentioned that the bylaws should be revised to reflect current situations that apply to the ESH.

BSEACD Update - The BSEACD tabled the approval of the new proposed rules for now. They will review the comments submitted by the ESHHOA. Monique will continue to attend the BSEACD meetings.

COA Water Supply - Tabled for next meeting.

7. New Business:

ACC Appointments - ACC new members - Jeff Macy and John Meskey (volunteered to do another term)

2007 Agenda and Priorities - a discussion of items for future meetings was discussed (see attached list from Christie). Further discussions will be held in future meetings.

2007 BOD selection of Officers - Election of new board members:

Jeannie volunteered to be ‘Member at Large’
Christie volunteered to be ‘Secretary’
Russ volunteered to be ‘Treasurer’

There was discussion on the President and Vice President positions. Monique nominated Bob for President and Christie seconded. Monique will be Vice President.

2007 BOD operating norms - Tabled for next meeting - time not permitted at this meeting.

8. Next ESHHOA BOD meeting - Time and place was discussed. The meetings will now start at 6:00 pm instead of 6:30 pm.

Meeting Adjourned.