Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
February 16 , 2006


Board: G.C. Pettey, Bob Thonhoff, April Schweighart
ACC: Kelly Rath
Property Manager: Carl Gamble

Approval of Minutes From January 19, 2006 Meeting (April Schweighart)

Minutes were approved on a motion from G.C, which Bob seconded.

ACC Report (Kelly Rath)

There were approvals, a storage shed and a detached garage. The garage had been submitted previously by different home owners. The approval is pending full drawings, including elevations, etc. Two more projects are coming including a pool and pool house and additional parking.

We continued to discuss variances. G.C. suggested getting the neighbor’s approval before granting variances.

April will send an email to Kelly Rath regarding the 2004 approval of a change to the CC&Rs regarding the number and size of additional structures, and that in the absence of this the 2005 Board had requested that the ACC bring any additional structures of over 500 sq. ft. to the Board.

Property Manager’s Report (Carl Gamble)

As discussed previously, the Travis County Constables are now charging $15 per hour, up from $10. This is stretching the 2006 budget.

Carl has received a quote from Diamondscape, Inc, for additional landscaping at the entrance to the Estates of Shady Hollow, but will not move forward due to the drought.

We have one homeowner in arrears for 2 years of dues. Carl is following up.

Treasurer’s Report (John McGraw)

With John absent, we agreed to delay the discussion for a special assessment for the appeal of the Aqua Texas rate increase.

ESH Fire Hydrants (Bob Thonoff)

Bob ascertained that our fire hydrant system meets the City of Austin criteria for 1985, at time of the design of our community. He also determined that we have sufficient water flow to meet fire fighting conditions.

OHAN Update (April Schweighart)

April provided an update on the February 8 meeting. There was nothing significant to report.

April 2006 newsletter (April Schweighart)

Articles are due to Peel, Inc. before March 10, April will send out a reminder to the authors.

Further refinements to the Bylaws and CC&Rs

April will provide the original CC&Rs and all the changes that have been approved in both electronic (disc) and paper formats. The Board approved that he find someone to incorporate the changes to provide an updated document for both the ACC and homeowners. The motion to do this, at a cost of up to $350, was made by Bob and seconded by April.

April will invite Allen Gunter to the next Board meeting to review the history of proposed changes to the CC&Rs prior to the 2005 Board.

New Business

Kelly Rath commented that it would be good to have a bike lane on Brodie north all the way to Slaughter. Carl provided Kelly with a contact name and phone number with the City of Austin.

Next Meeting

March 16, 2006 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Location Bailey Middle School


Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart
Recording Secretary