Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
January 19 , 2006


Board: G.C. Pettey, Bob Thonhoff, John McGraw, Victoria Harkins, April Schweighart
ACC: Kelly Rath
Property Manager: Carl Gamble
Homeowners: Allen Gunter

Approval of Minutes From December 15, 2005 Meeting (April Schweighart)

April Schweighart made a motion to approve the minutes, Bob Thonhoff seconded, and the motion was approved.

ACC Report (Kelly Rath)

There was one submission for a storage shed which was approved. There was also a submission for a variance for an addition. The ACC went through a well documented and thorough process to evaluate the placement of the addition, and that part of the project was approved. The ACC still needs architectural drawings for final approval of the addition. This led to a discussion of the general granting of variances. Allen Gunter remembered only two instances of requests of variances. He thought that the ACC has the authority to grant variances, but should be consistent and thoroughly document any instances. G.C. asked if we should develop a policy regarding variances.

April was requested to follow up with our attorney, Connie Heyer, for her comments regarding the granting of variances to homeowners.

April will also send the ACC thank you letters to Carl electronically, including first and last names of the retiring ACC members. Carl will thus have letters to use in the future.

Kelly Rath will follow up with John Anderson to determine that status of the ACC FAQs on our website.

Property Manager’s Report (Carl Gamble)

No serious violations to report. Carl has asked Diamondscape to provide a quote for additional landscaping at our entrance, but will not plant anything until we receive some rain.

Treasurer’s Report (John McGraw) The Aqua Texas rate increase protest is the only thing not on budget. We agree to revisit when to have a special assessment at next meeting.

Aqua Texas rate increase update (Victoria Harkins)

Woodcreek (approximately 1000 homes, we now have 900) has filed their appeal, and would like to join our efforts. That needs to be finalized by Feb. 17. Aqua Texas is settling with some groups, such as four commercial accounts in Houston.

In addition, Victoria notes that Barton Creek Aquifer District may pass new rules making it very difficult for us to build residential wells. Victoria will follow up and report at our next meeting.

OHAN update (April Schweighart)

April attended two OHAN meetings and provided an update. We agreed that we would not contribute to the reward for vehicle vandalism in the area at this time, but may reconsider in the future.

Newsletters (April Schweighart)

The March 2006 newsletter will be a special newsletter due to the length of the Updated Deed Enforcement Policy.

April 2006 newsletter (April Schweighart)


The Travis County study of drainage in the Estates of Shady Hollow mentioned four sinkholes. G.C. mentioned that one of them is on his property and he checks it periodically to make sure that it is not blocked. He asked if the other three sinkholes were also unblocked. Bob agreed to follow up and report back to the Board on what has happened since the report was issued.

New Business

We discussed the fire hydrants in the Estates of Shady Hollow and wondered what specifications applied to our system. Also, should they be tested periodically? Bob agreed to follow up on this.

Next Meeting

February 16, 2006 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Location Bailey Middle School


Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart
Recording Secretary