Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
December 15, 2005


2005 Board: John Anderson, John McGraw, Allen Gunter, April Schweighart
2006 Board: G.C. Pettey, Bob Thonoff
ACC: None
Property Manager: Carl Gamble
Homeowners: None

Approval of Minutes From October 20 and November 17, 2005 Meetings (April Schweighart)

The minutes were approved on motion by John McGraw, and seconded by April Schweighart.

ACC Report (Rich Anderson via email)

Activity – One application for a swimming pool submitted and approved.

FAQs for website – No progress, awaiting John Anderson’s updating of the ESH website.

Thank you letters for members whose terms will be complete at the end of the year, April Schweighart to send a sample letter to Carl Gamble.

Volunteers for the ACC - E. T. Tullia, Kelly Rath, James Nuernberg, John Anderson moved that we appoint the three volunteers, Allen Gunter seconded, and approved with two new BOD members for 2006 in attendance. April Schweighart to submit letters confirming the appointment of the new members to Carl Gamble for mailing.

Treasurer’s Report (Allen Gunter)

Allen stated that there was nothing new to report. On the regular budget, we are a bit ahead, but overall we are behind due to expenses for the Aqua Texas Rate Increase Protest. We agreed we should evaluate in March whether we need to have a special assessment to homeowners. Right now about the cost is about $33 per household. If, we expect this activity to end shortly after March, we wait until then. If it is expected to go on for a time, we may have one assessment in March and another later in the year.

Allen asked if we should have additional landscaping in 2005. Carl was requested to get a quote from Diamondscape, Inc. for additional plantings at the ESH entrance.

Property Manager’s Report (Carl Gamble)

No issues to report.

Aqua Texas rate increase update (Victoria Harkins via email)

The Woodcreek HOA has decided to file an appeal. They have also requested a consolidation and alignment with our efforts. They will probably join us if they make the February deadline. They have contacted Victoria and our lawyer for assistance. They have been directed to hire their own lawyer until the time they are successfully in alignment.

OHAN update (John Anderson)

April will send John Anderson an email, and he will connect her to OHAN report so that she can start attending their meetings. Meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month.

Neighborhood directory update (John Anderson)

We need way to effectively communicate quickly to all of our homeowners. Email would probably be the best way. We would like to obtain all homeowners’ email addresses. Carl suggested requesting phone numbers and email addresses to the statements for assessments. We agreed it was a good idea, and suggest we do that for the special assessment early next year. In addition, we will add it to the next newsletter.

Neighborhood Watch Committee (John Anderson)

The incentive for this activity disappeared with the additional constable patrols. We agreed to remove this from future agendas.

Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy and Management Plan (April Schweighart) We decided not to have a special mailing. John Anderson will post it on the web. We will either add it to the April newsletter or publish a special newsletter.

January 2005 newsletter (Allen Gunter)

We discussed could we run special newsletters or go monthly to allow timely information such as Holiday Decorating Contest winners. Also, with the length of the Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy, are there limits to how long the newsletter can be. April Schweighart will follow up with Kelly Peel of Peel, Inc.

Further refinements to the Bylaws and CC&Rs April will email Connie re: taking Appendix changes from last year and incorporating them into the document and including the carport change approved at the 2005 Annual Homeowners meeting.

2006 Officers

Allen Gunter made a motion on for the election of new officers for 2006. April Schwieghart seconded and it was approved.

President – G.C. Pettey
Vice-President – Bob Thonoff
Secretary – April Schweighart
Treasurer – John McGraw
Member at Large – Victoria Harkins

New Business

We need to make CC&R revisions for new Texas legislation, e.g. political signs

Should we have a sign such as the Shady Hollow HOA does?

Next Board of Directors Meeting

January 19, 2006 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Location Bailey Middle School.

Bob volunteered to responsibility for arranging for our room at Bailey Middle School or Manchaca File Hall.


Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart
Recording Secretary