Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
September 15, 2005


Board: John Anderson, John McGraw, Allen Gunter, April Schweighart

ACC: Rich Anderson

Homeowners: None

Property Manager: Carl Gamble

Homeowner Comments/Questions - None

Approval of Minutes from August 18, 2005 Meeting

With a few minor changes, the minutes were approved on a motion by Allen Gunter, seconded by John McGraw.

ACC Report (Rich Anderson)

Homeowner complaint activity: Rich looked at several houses with pebbles used as landscaping material and determined that they all looked fine. Pebbles are acceptable as a material for landscaping. John Anderson to draft a letter to the homeowners with Rich’s comments. It is then expected that the homeowners will submit their specific plan to the ACC.

The ACC issued three approvals: One for a fence; one for a greenhouse; and one for a shed.

The FAQs for the website have been completed and are being reviewed. They were modified after the first review cycle, and one additional review is needed before being placed on the website

Three members’ terms up for renewal this year. This will be a topic at the 2005 Annual Homeowners meeting. Allen Gunter has received an email from one interested homeowner.

Treasurer’s Report (Allen Gunter)

Allen noted that there will be a price increase of $25 from the Constables next year for the drive throughs of our neighborhood.

The 2005 budget is on track. Except for the Aqua Texas rate case, we are slightly ahead of budget.

Property Manager’s Report(Carl Gamble)

Barker Hollow Pass debris and rock pile status - Carl sent letter on the second rock pile, but no response yet. April Schweighart made a motion, seconded by John Anderson, and approved that Carl send a letter to the homeowner with a new debris pile. (Note that the pile is now gone.)

2006 budget – Allen has reviewed the budget and it is fine. There will be a major savings on insurance for next year. Nothing has been allowed for rate case at present, but since we expect to have special assessment to cover that, it should not be an issue. Also, it would be difficult to identify an amount of money as a placeholder at this time. Allen moved that we accept the 2006 budget. John Anderson seconded it, and the motion passed. John McGraw, with April Schweighart seconding, made a motion to approve funds to be spent on the proposed electrical improvements at entrance the Estates of Shady Hollow.

Carl provided the Board with a summary of applicable bills pass and submitted, but not passed, by the Texas Legislature. Of note, HB 873 passed allowing homeowners to display political signs on their property. That will require the CC&Rs to be revised to be in compliance.

As requested, Carl provided catalogs of available books, etc. with helpful information for Board Members. John Anderson took them and will provide copies to the other members.

Review/update of 1992 Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy and Management Plan

Allen Gunter asked for additional changes. April Schweighart made a motion, seconded by John Anderson that after making the requested changes, the document be sent to Connie Heyer, unless additional changes were received by a certain date. The motion was approved.

January 2006 newsletter (Allen Gunter)

Trash piles – how long before we send letter? After a reasonable amount of time - Allen

Coyote Issue – Allen

Holiday context winners

Annual meeting results

New newsletter format – Allen

Thanks to ACC members whose terms are expiring

Report on having newsletter printed outside with advertisements (Allen Gunter)

Allen reported that it would be good to have an outside source print newsletter for continuity. Articles would need to be provided earlier, by the 10th of the month proceeding the publication date. The newsletter would then be sent on first of the month of publication. We agreed that we would continue to publish quarterly, with the option to move to monthly in the future. The newsletter would be published and mailed out at no cost to the ESH HOA, saving the HOA money. Peel, Inc. makes their money from advertisers. Our HOA has more than the minimum of 200 homes. The one thing we will need is to have someone approve the ads in the newsletter. The company has a website at: Allen moved that we start having Peel Inc. publish the ESH HOA newsletter and that the publication dates be changed to January, April, July, and October. John McGraw seconded. It was approved.

2005 Annual Homeowners’ Meeting

April will modify the agenda as discussed and draft a letter and proxy and submit to the Board Members for approval. This must be done quickly as it we need to get the information to all homeowners 30 days in advance of the 2005 Annual Homeowners’ Meeting.

Date and Time: October 20, 2005 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Bailey Middle School Cafeteria

Next Meeting

December 15, 2005 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Location Bailey Middle School

Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart

Recording Secretary