Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
August 18, 2005


Board: John Anderson, John McGraw, Allen Gunter, Victoria Harkins, April Schweighart

ACC: None

Homeowners: None

Property Manager: Carl Gamble

Homeowner Comments/Questions - None

Approval of Minutes from July 21, 2005 Meeting

Minutes approved on motion by April Schweighart, seconded by Allen Gunter.

ACC Report (John Anderson for Rich Anderson)

Activity – No submittals since last meeting

FAQs for website – Still under review.

Treasurer’s Report (Allen Gunter)

There was nothing unusual to report this month. We are ahead on income as more homeowners have paid their dues and expenses remain below budget. Year to date we are above budget due to legal fees for the Aqua Texas rate protest.

Property Manager’s Report(Carl Gamble)

After Allen determined that the lights at the entrance to the Estates remained on during the day, Carl hired an electrician to correct the problem. The sensors on both sides of the road were replaced. The electrician is continuing to investigate what to do with the north lights as they have a 125A circuit breaker.

Update on homeowners complaints

Barker Hollow Pass rock and debris piles (April Schweighart and John McGraw)

The large debris pile is gone with the lifting of the burn ban. The rock pile on Edwards Hollow Road will continue to grow as the property owner is removing the rocks from his property to enable mowing. The homeowner has stated that the rocks will be removed at some point when all the rocks have been gathered together. This may take some time. John Anderson made a motion to ask Carl to contact the homeowner with the other rock pile, on Bear Hollow Cove with a letter and then follow up with a call as was done with the Edwards Hollow rock pile. John McGraw seconded the motion and it was approved.

Placing rocks in easement to minimize maintenance (John Anderson for Rich Anderson)

Closure of this complaint is still pending. John Anderson will respond to the homeowner, requesting that they submit their proposal to ACC for approval.

Review/update of 1992 Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy and Management Plan

The Board reviewed the proposed document. Several changes were proposed. Allen Gunter shared the Violation Procedure Rules and Regulations which our attorney, Connie Heyer, wrote a while ago. It was agreed that we should use this document as Appendix A, replacing the originally proposed State Property Code Change Property Tax Code. April Schweighart is to make all the proposed changes to the document and send it to the Board for approval. April will contact Connie about the proposed document and submit it to her when approved by the Board.

September 2005 newsletter (Allen Gunter)

Aqua Texas Rate Increase (Victoria Harkins) Will be submitted one week after the Aug. 24 hearing

Interest in drilling a residential water well (Victoria Harkins)

Special assessment for Aqua Texas rate increase protest (Allen Gunter)

Cruise 'n' Blues Festival (John Anderson)

Three board positions and two ACC positions will be available (Allen Gunter)

Vote on CCRs changes incorporate longstanding rule prohibiting carports (Allen Gunter)

Report on having newsletter printed outside with advertisements (Allen Gunter)

Allen reported that it would be good to have an outside source print newsletter for continuity. Articles would need to be provided earlier, by the 10th of the month proceeding the publication date. The newsletter would then be sent on first of the month of publication. We agreed that we would continue to publish quarterly, with the option to move to monthly in the future. The newsletter would be published and mailed out at no cost to the ESH HOA, saving the HOA money. Peel, Inc. makes their money from advertisers. Our HOA has more than the minimum of 200 homes. The one thing we will need is to have someone approve the ads in the newsletter. The company has a website at: Allen moved that we start having Peel Inc. publish the ESH HOA newsletter and that the publication dates be changed to January, April, July, and October. John McGraw seconded. It was approved.

New Business

Carl was asked to provide suggested resources for the members of the Board to gain information and helpful suggestions to enable the Board Members to do the best job possible.

April has been asked to provide a proposed agenda for the Annual Homeowners meeting at the next Board meeting.

Next Meeting

September 15, 2005 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Location Bailey Middle School

Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart

Recording Secretary