Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
April 27, 2005


Board:  John Anderson, Victoria Harkins, John McGraw, Allen Gunter, April Schweighart

Property Manager:  Carl Gamble

ACC:  Rich Anderson

Homeowners:   None

Homeowner Comments/Questions


Approval of Minutes From March 22, 2005 Meeting (April Schweighart)

Minutes approved.

ACC Report (Rich Anderson)

Activity – Several new applications submitted including fencing, landscaping, and lawn storage/workshop construction. None of them have been disapproved.

FAQs for website – Submitted to John Anderson to review prior to next BOD meeting.

Treasurer’s Report (Allen Gunter)

Allen had several questions for Carl regarding the budget.  One issue is a lack of documentation to provide continuity in understanding the budget for new BOD members.  Allen thought none of the questions were critical, just needed to provide more understanding.

Property Manager’s Report (Carl Gamble)

Diamondscape has provided a quote to replace plants that died over the winter.  A motion was passed to authorize Carl to spend the money for Diamonscape to proceed with the planting.

Aqua Texas rate increase update (Victoria Harkins)

The lawyer representing our group of homeowners’ associations has filed a motion to get the Aqua Texas’ application for a rate increase dismissed.  The City of Ingram has also files a motion.  There is a long period during which questions concerning the rate increase may be submitted.  Things will be relatively quiet until toward the end of that timeframe.  In addition, Victoria is pursuing obtaining a “ballpark figure” for the cost of a well.  The City of Austin has confirmed that they are not interested in taking over our water supply.  Aqua Texas has allowed the emergency water connection with the City of Austin to lapse.

Neighborhood Watch Committee (John Anderson)

No activity to report.

OHAN update (John Anderson)

The last meeting was three weeks ago.  The primary topic was the City Council elections.  Also there was discussion of work on the “Y” in Oak Hill by the Highway Department.  There will be another public hearing, but the date is not yet set.

Review/update of 1992 Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy; Management Plan and Further refinements to the Bylaws and CC&Rs (Allen Gunter)

Allen has submitted the previously approved revisions to Connie Heyer for incorporation into the  Bylaws and CC&Rs.  Since Allen has the most knowledge on this topic, he will provide an email discussion guide for the other members of the BOD to become more familiar with the topic to enable a more productive discussion at our next meeting.

We discussed a specific complaint from one homeowner regarding rock and brush piles in neighbors’ backyards.  In his next “drive by” Carl will determine, what can be seen from the street.  If anything that is visible from the street, Carl will follow up with letter to the relevant homeowners.  For anything not visible from the street we agreed to need further discussion.

We discussed issues that were ACC violations, that is which require ACC approval as well.

Carl   mentioned that “debris piles” could be reported to the County Health Department.  They will investigate complaints and take action if appropriate.

April will follow up with the specific homeowner on progress to date.

June 2005 newsletter – All articles to be completed and submitted to Allen by May 10.

"Intro" articles for April, John and Victoria, John McGraw to complete his.

Neighborly practices for fireworks, Allen Gunter to tweak previously written article

Aqua Texas rate increase update, Victoria to write article.

How long is too long for grass? John Anderson to write article.

Seeking a volunteer to attend CAMPO meetings, John Anderson to write

What items IESI will accept for recycling and alternative places that recycle, Victoria to write

We briefly discussed hiring someone to publish our newsletter, including managing advertisements.  Companies would pay for the advertisements, offsetting the cost of hiring someone to publish the newsletter.  A plus would be to provide continuity over time.  Allen will talk with the people who publish Davenport Ranch’s HOA newsletter prior to the next meeting.

Next Meeting

May 19, 2005 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Location TBD

Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart

Recording Secretary