Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
March 22, 2005


Board:  John Anderson, Victoria Harkins, John McGraw, April Schweighart

Property Manager:  Carl Gamble

ACC:  None

Homeowners:   None

Homeowner Comments/Questions


Approval of Minutes From February 17, 2005 Meeting (April Schweighart)

Minutes approved on motion by John Anderson.

ACC Report (Rich Anderson, reported via email)

Activity - Only one application reviewed and approved (in-ground sprinkler system), and none are pending.

FAQs for website – Rich sent John Anderson several FAQ's, and will try to talk with him soon to button them up.

Treasurer’s Report (Allen Gunter)

Carl Gamble sent the updated financials to the members of the BOD prior to the meeting.  Since Allen was not present to report, John Anderson asked if there were any questions or comments, and there were none.

Property Manager’s Report (Carl Gamble)

Carl Gamble discussed several violations and their status.  Several have been resolved or are in the process of being resolved.  One violation continues and Carl asked the BOD for permission to levy a fine on that homeowner, and a motion for that passed.

Carl also mentioned that another homeowners association he works with, Davenport Ranch.  They accept advertising in their newsletter.  The fees are enough that they can hire a third party to handle the work to do this any possibly make money.   Carl agreed to send an example of this newsletter to the members of the BOD for future review and consideration.

Neighborhood Watch Committee (John Anderson)

No activity

Aqua Texas Rate Increase Update (Victoria Harkins)

The hearing on the Aqua Texas Rate Increase went well.  About 150 people attended, including the lawyer that will be representing the homeowners group that we are joining for this effort.  We have at least 1000 homeowners signed on, and the number may go as high as 2000.  Other homeowners have volunteered to help, and we are sharing resources.  The City of Houston also has an attorney looking into this.  Aqua Texas has combined two separate utilities in their request for a rate increase.  There was a bill passed last year that will require them to file multiple requests for rate increases instead.  Our lawyer asked that we formally document the resolution passed last month authorizing filing and prosecution of protest of the proposed water rate increase, and that the document was reviewed and signed by President, John Anderson, representing the ESH HOA, and witnessed by Secretary, April Schweighart.  Victoria submitted the homeowners’ agreement to our attorney, Connie Heyer for approval, and planned to follow up with a phone call if needed.  Connie made a few suggested changes.  After Connie’s approval, we agreed to move forward as planned with the agreement. 

OHAN Update (John Anderson)

Most of the discussion at the last meeting was on zoning for construction to start this year on Hwy 71.

Review of Service Providers (Carl Gamble)

As requested by a homeowner at the 2004 second Homeowners meeting, the BOD asked Carl Gamble to obtain a quote for the landscaping services presently provided by Diamondscape.  Carl obtained a quote from TruGreen Landscape.  The quote was competitive to what we now pay for landscaping services.  John McGraw moved that we continue with Diamondscape. John Anderson seconded.  The motion was approved.

June 2005 Newsletter (Allen Gunter)

Since Allen was not present, the discussion of the June 2005 newsletter was limited to assigning responsibility for articles to be included.  John McGraw needs to provide a short “intro article”.  April and Victoria have already completed theirs.  John Anderson agreed to write an article on “How long is too long for grass?”.

Stickers for Homeowners Autos

As discussed previously, we are paying the county constables to drive through our neighborhood when they are off duty.  A few of our homeowners and their family members have been pulled over by the constables.  This led to one homeowner asking about providing stickers for our all of the automobiles in our neighborhood to let the constables know which vehicles belonged to homeowners.  We discussed the amount of effort involved in doing this and keeping updated as we had new homeowners and they had new cars.  We also discussed the reasons for asking for additional patrols.  After the discussion, John Anderson moved that we not pursue this and the motion was passed.  John will respond to the homeowner of our decision.  

City of Austin Water/Wastewater

A homeowner, J. C. Domingue, asked about the possibility of the City of Austin taking over our water system.   Based on several factors, it is believed that the city would not be interested.  Victoria agreed to follow up with the City of Austin.  John McGraw agreed to respond to the homeowner, once the City had formally responded.

CAMPO - 2030 (25-year plan), SH 45 (SW) and Brodie Lane improvements

An email was received from someone on this topic, which we do not believe is a homeowner.  Carl will verify whether this person is a homeowner or not.  John Anderson will ask about OHAN’s position?  We have no one to attend CAMPO meetings.  It was suggested that we ask for a volunteer in our June newsletter.

Common land on Green Emerald

A question came up regarding our common land on Green Emerald.  There are no improvements planned at this time.

Next Meeting

April 27, 2005 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Location TBD

Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart

Recording Secretary