Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
February 17, 2005


Board:  John Anderson, Allen Gunter, April Schweighart, John McGraw, Victoria Harkins         

Property Manager:  Carl Gamble

ACC:  Rich Anderson

Homeowners:   None

Homeowner Comments/Questions


Approval of Minutes From January 20, 2005 Meeting (April Schweighart)

The minutes from the January 20, 2005 meeting were approved upon a motion made by Allen Gunter, and seconded by John Anderson.  April Schweighart will copy Rich Anderson on the minutes of the BOD meetings in the future.

ACC Report (Rich Anderson)

Rich Anderson reported that the ACC Board did not meeting, however, they did approve an attached garage with workshop which is quite large, approximately 1500 sq. ft.  There was not activity on the FAQ’s for the website.  Activity on new members for the ACC Board is reported below.

Neighborhood Watch Committee Report (John Anderson)

John Anderson reported that there was not progress.  Allen Gunter commented on the Constable report dated February 4 regarding suspicious activity and the actions taken by the Constable.  As of the meeting however, there were no complaints.

Treasurer’s Report (Allen Gunter)

Allen requested that Carl provide a budget summary a day or two in advance of the meeting for Allen to review in order to provide a more detailed report.  Carl commented that there was no unusual activity.  Approximately 30 homeowners have not yet paid all of their dues.  Carl commented that this is typical and it usually takes until April for all dues to be paid.  Homeowners will receive a statement every month if their dues not completely paid, on about the 19th of every month.

Property Manager’s Report (Carl Gamble)

Carl reported that one homeowner on Lost Oasis Hollow had received a 30 day notice for trailer in their driveway, but the homeowner had explained the delay, a clean-up construction project was underway.

OHAN Update (John Anderson)

There was a meeting the previous Wednesday.  Some of the people attending were interested in whether the HOAs in attendance would be supportive of advertising on websites, newsletters, etc.  A motion was passed that we would not accept advertising or announcements (see details below).  The Freescale resolution was approved.  John also reported on several other activities that were planned.

Policy for non-HOA website postings and newsletters

The BOD approved a motion made by Allen Gunter and seconded by John Anderson that we would not accept advertising or announcements on our website or our newsletter.

Appointment of two new ACC members  (Rich Anderson)

Both John Anderson and Rich Anderson spoke with the two potential candidates, Roel Bazan and John Meskey.  John verified their interest and Rich explained the amount of effort involved. 

John Anderson moved to appoint the two new members to two year terms, April seconded the motion and it was passed.  The current three members’ terms will expire at the end of this year.

Carl will send letters to the new appointees and also to Ysabel Pena and Asanga Weerakoon thanking them for their service on the ACC.  Rich will invite the new candidates to attend the next ACC meeting.

Aqua Texas rate increase (Victoria Harkins)

Victoria reported that an email list of effected HOAs had been put together.  The approach will be to put together a group of homeowners associations which will represent the homeowners to protest the rate increase.  Victoria has talked with a lawyer that we have worked with before to represent the group.  Victoria shared with us two documents that will be used for this, an agreement that will be signed by the presidents of the homeowners’ associations, indicating their willingness to support the group and a letter of engagement, both created by the attorney.  The approach will be to try to reach a compromise or mediation, which will be faster and cheaper.  First we must give the judge some basis for legal representations.  Evidence against the rate increase will be presented at a later date.  We must get the documents singed before the March 1 meeting.  Victoria already has commitments from homeowners’ associations with over 1500 homes represented.  The larger group will reduce the cost; however a special assessment may be needed to pay for this.  In addition, homeowners are requested to sign letters to our representatives protesting the rate increase.  A motion was passed to have our attorney review documents.  Allen agreed to send an email to our attorney after the meeting informing her to expect the documents for review.  Allen also proposed a motion to support alignment of homeowners associations in protest of Aqua Texas rate increase, pending no contrary recommendations from our attorney. John Anderson seconded the motion and it was passed.  Victoria will review documents, and make necessary changes to the agreement.

Board members will attend a meeting for the group working on protesting the rate increase if available and be involved in getting signatures on letters to state legislators.

Review of service providers

This topic came up at the November Homeowners’ meeting.  One homeowner asked that we obtain multiple quotes for our landscaping care.  Carl agreed to do this.

March 2005 newsletter (Allen Gunter)

The March newsletter will focus on the Aqua Texas rate Increase, the Holiday decorations contest winners, and the ACC member rotation.  Allen committed to write the article on the Aqua Texas rate increase.  Victoria will review it.  Carl will get the newsletter out on Friday in time for it to reach homeowners on the weekend.

Next Meeting

March 22, 2005 6:30pm to 8:30 pm, Location TBD

Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart

Recording Secretary