Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
January 20, 2005

Present Homeowner Comments/Questions


Review/Approval of Minutes

The minutes from the December 14, 2004 meeting were approved upon a motion made by Allen Gunter and seconded by April Schweighart.

ACC Report

Rich Anderson reported that the ACC approved an application for a boat screen that was reported in process last month.  At John Anderson’s request, Rich agreed to restart the effort to provide FAQs for the Estates of Shady Hollow website.  John agreed to work with Rich on that activity.

Additional discussion focused on the process of appointment of new ACC members.  It is important to have all members participate in the ACC meetings regularly and that is not happening at present.  At least one of the present members of the ACC has expressed a desire to leave.  Two potential candidates have expressed interest in serving on the ACC during 2004.  They are Roel Bazan, 3805 Lost Oasis and John Mesky, 3905 Green Emerald Terrace.  It was agreed that John Anderson would contact both potential candidates as a representative of the Board to determine their willingness to serve on the ACC prior to appointing them to the ACC.  Rich Anderson would then talk with them if they are still interested to make sure they understand the amount of time involved.  The two members of the ACC who are completing their terms have been identified.  Once the new members are appointed, Carl will send out letters to the two new candidates, and the two members of the ACC who are completing their terms.

It was proposed that each of the Board members attend at least one ACC board meeting at least once during 2005.  All members of the Board who were present at the meeting agreed that this was a good idea.  Rich Anderson agreed to invite the Board members to future ACC meetings.

Neighborhood Watch Committee Report

John Anderson reported that the biggest issue was to get more people involved.  Members of the Board received several emails from Estates of Shady Hollow homeowners who were aware of several burglaries in the area.  However,  at present there is no mechanism to easily notify all of the homeowners of an increase in crime, or any other topics of interest.  (See comments regarding Neighborhood directory/ Communication below.)

Treasurer’s Report

Allen Gunter reported that in spite of the extra costs associated with having off-duty Travis County Sheriffs patrolling the neighborhood, the reserves were down by $120 from YE2003.  This was partly due to the fact that the premium for insurance for directors and officers was accidentally paid twice in 2003, and the extra payment was refunded and available in 2004.

Property Manager’s Report

Carl Gamble shared the ESHHOA Constable Reports that he had received from the Travis County Constable Department.  They were reviewed by the Board members present at the meeting.  Carl also informed us that while the ESHHOA dues were billed to homeowners at the end of 2004, the receipts were not added to the account until January 2005.  It was noted that some owners had neglected to notice the $30 increase that was approved at the November 14, 2004 Homeowners’ meeting.  Carl had no additional items to report.

Holiday Decorations Contest

Allen Gunter reported on the Holiday Decorations Contest, having received an email from Judi May, which he share with the other members of the Board.  The Board approved the checks for the three winners.  Congratulations to the three winners who live at:

3501 Black Mesa Drive

11904 Edwards Hollow Run

3704 Green Emerald

April Schweighart will provide congratulations letters to each of the three winners and send to Carl Gable, copying the Board members.  The letter will be signed by the Board members.  Carl will include the letters with the checks and send them to the winners.  Allen Gunter will write a thank you letter to Judi May, thanking her for all her hard work in making the Holiday Decorations Contest a success.

Aqua Texas Rate Increase

This topic was not discussed as Victoria Harkins was not present, and no update was provided.

Review/Update of 1992 Dead Restriction Enforcement Policy; Management Plan

These documents need to be updated.  Also specifics as to how non-verifiable violations of the Bylaws and CC&Rs are to be handled must be included.  The Board agreed that this should be our first priority in 2005.

CC&Rs and Bylaws

It was agreed that this topic should be given lower priority until the Update of the Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy; Management Plan (see above).

Neighborhood Directory/ Notification (John Anderson)

The Neighborhood Directory is out of date and every time it is updated, it is usually out of date by the time it is printed and sent to all homeowners and renters.  While the website can provide information to all homeowners, it is not an effective way to provide homeowners with up to date information, such as notifying them of burglaries, or other topics of interest.  Many homeowners, but not all, have email accounts, and keeping up an email list is as challenging as updating the directory.  Allen Gunter suggested that we try a Yahoo Group.  John Anderson agreed to get on Yahoo and investigate this possibility.  We agreed that is topic would have second priority after the Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy update.

OHAN (John Anderson)

John Anderson informed us that the Mopac flyover over William Cannon would no longer be in the plan for tolls.  Allen Gunter asked about the tolls for 45SW.  John did not know.  We discussed that this would probably be a topic of interest to Shady Hollow as well.  John Anderson agreed to contact someone on Shady Hollow HOA BOD.


There was a short discussion on drainage.  It was agreed that Allen Gunter would contact the attorney to discuss the approved changes to the CCRs and the general topic of drainage and Board responsibility

March 2005 Newsletter

We discussed topics for the March 2005 Newsletter.  Victoria Harkins, John McGraw and April Schweighart will provide profiles to Allen Gunter to be included on the newsletter and John Anderson for the website.  In addition, the three new Board members may provide a digital photo to John for the website.  Allen Gunter will ask Judi May to provide an article on the Holiday Decorations Contest and winners.

Next Meeting

The next Board meeting with be on Thursday, February 17, 2005 starting at 6:30pm at Bailey Middle School.

Respectfully Submitted,

April Schweighart

Recording Secretary