Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
September 16, 2004


Homeowner Comments/Questions


Review/Approval of Minutes

Because of computer problems, Allen Gunter was not able to have copies of the minutes of the August 19, 2004 Board meeting. He will provide copies via email as soon as his computer is fixed.

ACC Report

Rich Anderson was unable to attend the meeting, but did phone Allen Gunter to report that there had been no activity for the ACC since the August meeting.

Treasurerís Report

The 2005 budget submitted by Carl Gamble shows a shortfall essentially equal to expected cost of continued patrols by off-duty Constables. David Carpenter seconded Deborah Treeceís motion to increase the annual assessment from $100 to $130 to cover the cost of continuing the patrols by off-duty Constables. The motion passed by a vote of four to one. The dissenting vote was based on the feeling that the increase should be limited to $20 with the balance necessary to cover the cost of the patrols paid from the Associationís reserves.

Property Managerís Report

Carl Gamble asked for direction with respect to fence construction on Ebony Hollow Cove. To his knowledge, there is no ACC approval for the fence, although none would be needed if it were repair/replacement of an existing fence. Allen Gunter confirmed that it is new construction. Carl was directed to write a letter to the homeowner reminding them of the requirement to get ACC approval before beginning projects like this and asking them to submit plans to the ACC for retroactive approval.

Aqua Texas Rate Increase

George Robbins reported that the TCEQ has scheduled hearings for March for cities that want to protest the rate increase, and hearings for unincorporated areas will probably also be that month. The City of Austin will also be holding hearings since some of the areas it has annexed do not have city water and are affected by the Aqua Texas rate increase.


Homeowners Virginia Harkins and Debbie Saineghi have contacted members of the Board with concerns about the rate increase. Both are interested in working to stop it. Having worked for the TCEQ at one time, Virginia is very familiar with the rate hearing process and has already contacted attorneys. Deborah Treece will contact Virginia and Debbie, as well as Craig Hackler, about serving on a committee to take the lead on this issue.

A key next step is to begin a protest letter-writing campaign using the letter John Anderson drafted to present to OHAN. The goal is to get as many letters as possible into the hands of the chair of the State Senate Natural Resources Committee with copies to all other members of the Committee, all TCEQ board members, our representatives in the state legislature, all members of the Austin City Council, and all Hays and Travis County Commissioners.

CC&Rs and Bylaws

Allen Gunter reported that he and Deborah Treece had executed the amendment concerning subordination of Association claims to mortgage claims. The Associationís attorney has a signed original for recording with the County, and a signed original was given to Carl Gamble for inclusion in the Associationís permanent records.

Proposed changes to the CC&Rs:

Finally, Allen Gunter noted that the Bylaws still contain language providing for one-year terms for Board members. He will add a change to two years to be included with the changes proposed for the CC&Rs to be voted on at the annual meeting.

Additional Entrance Signs

Allen Gunter reported that he found minutes to indicate that the issue of entrance signs on Green Emerald and other secondary entrances had been on the agenda for the 1999 annual meeting. The minutes from that meeting indicate that homeowners were concerned about the cost (estimated to be about $6,000) and wanted to vote on it. Rather than a vote, homeowners were asked to submit "preference cards" which would then be reviewed at the next Board meeting. Unfortunately, Allen cannot find any documentation concerning the outcome of the "preference cards". George Robbins, David Carpenter and Deborah Treece remembered the meeting and said that homeowners were overwhelmingly against entrance signs. Therefore, it was decided that no further action will be taken on this issue.


Annual Meeting

The agenda for the annual meeting is to include:

Next Meeting

The next meeting is the annual meeting on Thursday, October 21, 2004 starting at 6:30pm at Bailey Middle School.


Respectfully Submitted,



Allen Gunter
Recording Secretary