Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
August 19, 2004


Special Presentation

Gail McGlamery and Kevin Thuesen addressed the Board with respect to land owned by the City of Austin and managed by the Wildland Conservation Division within the Austin Water Utility. This is the vacant land immediately to the west of the Estates, which is held in trust for water quality protection. Regular trespassing is occurring on this property, including the creation of a paintball "arena". The land is an important part of the recharge zone for the Edwards Aquifer and needs to be protected. In addition, it is dangerous to the trespassers in that the land has numerous holes hidden by vegetation and there are rattlesnakes on the property.

An article on this issue will be in the September newsletter. In addition, the Austin Water Utility will be leaving notices at all of the houses bordering the property.

Homeowner Comments/Questions


Review/Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the July 15, 2004, Board meeting were unanimously approved upon a motion made by John Anderson and seconded by George Robbins.

ACC Report

Rich Anderson reported that there has been no activity for the ACC since the July meeting. FAQs for the website are in process.

Complaint Regarding Recreational Vehicle

Tabled due to David Carpenter’s absence.

Aqua Texas Rate Increase

George Robbins reported that he is in almost weekly contact with the TCEQ on this issue. The TCEQ has received more than 4,000 letters against the increase and will hold a public hearing on it. The hearing probably will not take place until sometime after the middle of October.

Allen Gunter reported David Carpenter had told him that Bickerstaff, Heath, Smiley, Pollan, Kever & McDaniel, LLP would not be able to represent the Estates at the hearing due to a potential conflict of interest with a municipality the firm already represents that would benefit from the new rate structure. David also said that he would try to identify another law firm with expertise in this area.

John Anderson agreed to contact OHAN with respect to their possible support for our protest of the rate increase.

Neighborhood Watch Committee

John Anderson reported that the Committee is in the process of calling all homeowners about starting the neighborhood watch program. They are also collecting email addresses in order to have a fast way of communicating with homeowners.

Drainage Study

Tabled due to David Carpenter’s absence.

Toll Roads

Tabled since neither David Carpenter nor Timothy Riley from the Barton Springs/Edward Aquifer Conservation District was available to provide information on the settlement between the District and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT) under which TxDoT agreed not to develop SH 45 south from MoPac to FM 1626.

Edwards Hollow Run Entrance

Deborah Treece reported that DiamondScape had repaired the light fixtures as requested. The Board approved Deborah’s motion, seconded by George Robbins, to accept the DiamondScape bid dated August 26, 2004 in the amount of $634 for landscaping improvements to both sides of the entrance.



Neighborhood Directory

Prior to the meeting, Allen Gunter provided copies of a PDF directory based on the database maintained by Carl Gamble. John Anderson noted, however, that the Neighborhood Watch Committee is finding that many of the phone numbers in Carl’s database are out-of-date. In addition, many people would like names other than their formal names used. Therefore, the directory was put on hold until the Neighborhood Watch Committee completes its calls. At that point, a directory can be produced using that Committee’s database.

Entrance Signs

George Robbins recalled the issue of entrance signs being voted down by homeowners at the annual meeting two or three years ago. Allen Gunter volunteered to check through files of old minutes that he has to see if he can find any documentation of this.

Speed Limit Signs

George Robbins reported that the county has not yet cleaned up/repaired the speed limit signs that he contacted them about.

Holiday Decorations Contest

Judi May and Billy McCarty agreed to take the lead on the holiday decoration contest as outlined in the minutes from the July meeting. Upon a motion made by Allen Gunter and seconded by Deborah Treece, the Board unanimously approved the contest as outlined in the July minutes including $200 for three cash prizes ($100 for "Best" and $50 each for two "Honorable Mentions").

Judi and Billy volunteered to take the lead on developing recommendations (with costs) for signs to be placed in the winning yards. Carl Gamble noted that a homeowner, Kim Perry, had signs used for a contest in 2001. Judi and Billy will contact Kim to see if those signs still exist and are still suitable.

Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy

Allen Gunter distributed copies of the 1992 Deed Restriction Enforcement and Assessment Collection Policies for review and possible updating.

Annual Meeting

The annual meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 21st, starting at 6:30pm in the Bailey Middle School cafeteria. Deborah Treece will contact Bailey Middle School to make sure the cafeteria is available and reserve it for us. Allen Gunter will draft a letter to homeowners informing them of the details of the meeting including the agenda and proxy.

September Newsletter

Allen Gunter distributed draft copies of the September newsletter. Any comments are to be provided to him by August 29 so that the newsletter can be finalized for mailing on August 31st.

Next Meeting

Thursday, September 16, 2004 starting at 6:30pm at Bailey Middle School.


Respectfully Submitted,

Allen Gunter

Recording Secretary