Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
July 15, 2004


Homeowner Comments/Questions

A homeowner sent an email to all Board members and to Carl Gamble asking for action to be taken with respect to a recreational vehicle being stored behind a neighboring house. The vehicle has not been observed by Carl on his regular "drive-bys". The Board instructed Carl to see if he could see the vehicle by varying his drive-by procedures in a manner that could reasonably be applied on an ongoing basis throughout the Estates. If so, then he is to issue a violation notice. If not, David Carpenter volunteered, with help from Deborah Treece, to talk with both homeowners in an effort to resolve the problem.

Review/Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the June 17, 2004, Board meeting were unanimously approved upon a motion made by George Robbins and seconded by David Carpenter.

ACC Report

Asanga Weerakoon reported that there has been no activity for the ACC since the June meeting.

Speed Limit Signs

George Robbins reported that Raymond Reid at the County turned in a work order to clean the graffiti from the speed limit sign on Lost Oasis Hollow. Mr. Reid also indicated he would have the speed limit sign just off Lost Oasis Hollow on Barker Hollow Pass turned around. It is facing the wrong way.

Neighborhood Watch Committee

Jacqueline White has resigned from the Neighborhood Watch Committee due to a family emergency. John Anderson is looking for someone to replace her.

John also reported that the Committee met and developed an initial plan of action. The Committee will be contacting all homeowners in the Estates to get email addresses and volunteers for neighborhood watch representatives. The goal is to set up groups with 10 homes each with a volunteer to be the block representative for the group.

Drainage Study

David Carpenter is in the process of contacting the Association’s attorney to ask for input on our responsibilities with respect to the various aspects of the drainage study. (For example, what responsibility does the Board have to ensure that remedial actions identified in the study for specific homeowners or the County are completed by the applicable party?)

Toll Roads

Allen Gunter drafted a letter from the Association to CAMPO protesting the proposed tollroads for SH 45 and MoPac to be signed by Deborah Treece as President of the Association and mailed to CAMPO.

David Carpenter reported that there was a lawsuit settled between the Barton Springs/Edward Aquifer Conservation District and the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDoT) under which TxDoT agreed not to develop SH 45 south from MoPac to FM 1826. David will invite Timothy Riley from the District to come to the August Board meeting to tell us more about that lawsuit and the resulting settlement.



John Anderson attended the July 14th meeting of the Oak Hill Association of Neighborhoods and enrolled the Association. Dues are $50 per year, and our current membership will be good through October 1, 2005. Our membership gives OHAN a base of over 10,000 homes. Deborah Treece, John Anderson and Allen Gunter were given as contacts for the Association.

The major topic at the meeting was the toll roads approved by CAMPO on July 13th. Despite the approval, OHAN plans to continue to fight the toll roads starting with an editorial campaign in local newspapers.

Neighborhood Directory

Allen Gunter reported progress on developing a process for extracting directory information from the database maintained by Carl Gamble and converting it to a PDF file. He will provide a draft for review prior to the next meeting.


John Anderson has made the following changes to the website:

Entrance Signs

Discussion of the entrance signs was tabled until the August meeting.

Holiday Decorations Contest

Judi May was unable to attend the July meeting, but provided the following proposal for a holiday decorations contest which should would be willing to run:

The Board expressed appreciation for Judi’s time and effort and is in favor of her proposal except for the process by which winners would be chosen. The response by homeowners to requests for input has historically been extremely low, even when all that is required is a telephone call or an email. In this case, we would be asking homeowners to drive around the Estates to see all of the decorations and then complete and mail in a ballot. The Board felt that the best approach would be to have a committee of homeowners choose the winners. Volunteers for this committee will be solicited in the September newsletter and at the annual meeting(s) in October (and, if applicable, November).

Advertising in Newsletter/Website

Allen Gunter reported receiving an email from University Federal Credit Union at Brodie and Slaughter asking to include information on their upcoming "Kidz Day" in our newsletter and on our website. The Board agreed that although the event is not direct sales, it is still a form of advertising and should not be included either in the newsletter or on the website.

Aqua Texas Rate Increase

David Carpenter contacted Bickerstaff, Heath, Smiley, Pollan, Kever & McDaniel, LLP about representing the Estates if a rate hearing is held. The firm is determining whether or not that would create a conflict of interest that would preclude them from working for the Association.

Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy

David Carpenter provided a copy of the Deed Restriction Enforcement Policy approved by the Board in 1992. This policy can be revised at any time by filing the updated policy with the County.

Annual Meeting

David Carpenter will work with Deborah Treece to identify dates for the annual meeting.

September newsletter

Draft articles are due to Allen Gunter by Friday, August 13:


David Carpenter expressed concerns about the debris left in neighbors’ yards from fireworks shot off in the Estates on July 4th. Unexploded fireworks were also found, representing a health risk for children and pets. An article will be included in future December and June newsletters regarding safe and neighborly fireworks practices.

Fire Station

George Robbins reported that the Shady Hollow MUD apparently is trying to buy up to three acres of land where the Manchaca Volunteer Fire Dept. station now sits on Brodie Lane at Edwards Hollow Run. The MUD intends to replace the volunteer station with a staffed fire station. While this would have some advantages for our neighborhood, it also could result in additional fees from the MUD. Carl Gamble will provide contact information for a person who is on the board of a different MUD and may be able to provide us with insight into the issues. David Carpenter will contact this person.

Next Meeting

Thursday, August 19, 2004 starting at 6:30pm at the Shady Hollow Community Center.


Respectfully Submitted,

Allen Gunter
Recording Secretary