Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
April 15, 2004


Homeowner Comments/Questions


Review/Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the March 18, 2004 Board meeting were unanimously approved upon a motion made by George Robbins and seconded by Deborah Treece.

ACC Report

Rich Anderson reported that the ACC had recently approved a driveway extension and a patio cover.

Treasurerís Report

George Robbins reported that the Association currently has a balance of $58,300. There have been no extraordinary expenses or income since the last report.

Drainage Study

General discussion of the drainage study was tabled until David Carpenter is available. In the meantime, however, it was agreed that the study should be put on the website to be available to all homeowners, and an article should be included in the next newsletter to let homeowners know this.

Amendment to CC&Rs

Finalization of the amendment to the CC&Rs concerning subordination of Association claims to mortgage claims that was approved by homeowners at the 2003 Annual Meeting was tabled until David Carpenter is available.

CC&R Review Committee

Allen Gunter reported that he had touched base with Brad McMahon to initiate the continued review of the CC&Rs and that Brad was willing to continue with that project. Allen, Brad and George Robbins will be meeting to determine next steps with the goal of presenting recommendations to the Board at the May meeting.


John Anderson reported he has moved the website to a new host which should provide better service and will cost less. In addition, he has obtained a permanent web address ( which will continue to be ours even if we move the website again in the future. A FAQ (frequently asked questions) page will be added to the website. Rich Anderson will provide John with a set of common questions and answers related to the ACC. Inclusion of the By-Laws and a version of the CC&Rs that with all amendments inserted is in process.

Guard Rails

Deborah Treece has placed several calls to Raymond Reid who handles road issues for south Travis County and left messages on his phone mail, but he has not yet returned any of her calls. She will try to reach his supervisor. The potential liability to the Association if no guard rails are added was discussed, as well as the liability if guard rails are added to some, but not all, hazardous corners and ditch areas. Deborah Treece is to discuss this with the Associationís insurance agent.

Entrance Signs

George Robbins presented alternatives with respect to adding "Welcome to Estates of Shady Hollow" signs to the entrances that do not currently have one. He priced alternatives for a 1 foot by 2 foot sign that might be placed on the poles which currently hold the "CC&Rs Strictly Enforced" signs. A redwood sign would cost $225 to $250, while an aluminum covered wood sign from another vendor would be less than $200, including a treated wood post. Using the existing poles should simplify the county approval process. However, the consensus was that the current CC&R signs are very unattractive, and the size limitation for the "Welcome" sign would also result in signs that are not in keeping with the character of the neighborhood. Using a sign like the one at the Silmarillion entrance to Shady Hollow was discussed. Carl Gamble is to get some estimates for the stone work for the sign supports, and George is to pursue the approval issue with the County. The potential liability to the Association if a driver were to run into a sign was discussed, and Deborah Treece agreed to talk with our insurance agent about potential liabilities and premium increases. The possibility of going ahead and at least using landscaping to mark the entrances also was discussed. Since the landscaping would be on the Countyís easement, George Robbins will contact the County to determine what approvals we need to get to do this. It was also noted that the homeowners at the entrances will need to be consulted with respect to either signs or landscaping.


Articles for the June newsletter are to be provided to Allen Gunter by Friday, May 14. He will have a draft newsletter for final review by the Board at the May meeting. It was decided that future newsletters should be printed on colored paper and tri-folded and stapled for mailing with no envelope in order to help distinguish it from other mail homeowners receive. Deborah Treece indicated that she had received numerous inquiries regarding advertising in the newsletter. The consensus of the Board is that we should not accept advertising. Articles currently scheduled for the June newsletter are:

Subject Author
Solicitation of Board and ACC candidates David Carpenter
Profiles of Board and ACC members Each Member
Drainage study Deborah Treece
Potential changes to the CC&Rs To Be Determined
Issues surrounding an updated telephone directory for the Estates and the possibility of putting it on the website Allen Gunter
Money Matters George Robbins
Elimination of the monetary awards for year-end holiday decorations Allen Gunter
Website John Anderson
Possible community activities/committee of homeowners To Be Determined
Summer Board meetings to be at Shady Hollow Community Center To Be Determined


Carl Gamble indicated that the re-landscaping of the Edwards Hollow Run entrance was completed by DiamondScape at a cost of $800. This was in line with the quote on which the work was approved and in addition to the normal monthly cost of $250 for routine maintenance of this area. Some additional landscaping was identified, including removal of the boxwoods and some trimming. Deborah Treece is to get an estimate for this work from DiamondScape.

Purchase of Hardware/Software for Newsletter and/or Website

The consensus was that there is no current need for hardware or software, but that there may be software needs in the future at which time the issue will be revisited.

Thank You for Bailey Middle School

Upon a motion made by Allen Gunter, seconded by George Robbins and unanimously approved, Deborah Treece will spend up to $100 on flowers for the office staff at the school as a way of thanking them for their help in scheduling meeting space for us.

Next Meeting

Thursday, May 20, 2004 starting at 6:30pm at Bailey Middle School. Since the school is not available to us during June, July and August, George Robbins volunteered to schedule the Shady Hollow Community Center for those meetings.


Respectfully Submitted,

Allen Gunter
Recording Secretary
May 20, 2004