Estates of Shady Hollow Home Owners Association

Minutes From Board of Directors' Meeting of
February 19, 2004


Special Guest

Andy Anderson, candidate for Constable of Precinct 3, gave a talk on his qualifications and experience in the law enforcement field.

Homeowner Comments/Questions


Review/Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the January 19, 2004 Board meeting were unanimously approved upon a motion made by George Robbins and seconded by Deborah Treece.

ACC Report

Rich Anderson reported that the ACC has recently approved two swimming pools and one greenhouse. The Committee has also received requests for approval of a patio cover and a garage, and consideration of these requests is pending. Rich also noted that the ACC meets on Thursday evenings which conflicts with Board meetings that are also held on Thursday evenings. Regardless, one of the members of the ACC will attend each Board meeting.

Drainage Study

There was a discussion of the drainage report prepared by the County. It was agreed that the Board should contact the Associationís attorney to determine the Associationís responsibilities and potential liabilities with respect to the report. At a minimum, it appears that the Board should communicate the results of the study to those homeowners whose properties were identified in the report as needing maintenance to improve the drainage situation. A key issue is whether or not the Board has the authority to require these homeowners to make the improvements identified by the County.

It was also agreed that the Board should contact Travis County to find out when the County will correct its portion of the problems.

ACC Vacancy/Terms of Office

The current vacancy on the ACC will be filled at the March meeting. With respect to terms limits, Rich Anderson reported that all members of the ACC want to serve out their terms.


Draft copies of the newsletter were distributed. David Carpenter asked for any additions or changes to be sent to Allen Gunter by February 25, 2004, so that a final copy could be sent to Carl Gamble by February 27, 2004 for mailing to Association members.

CC&R Review Committee

A decision on whether or not to continue the CC&R committee was tabled until the next meeting.

Web Site

John Anderson discussed the results of his review of the website. He plans to make it an active site where members can send and receive information.

Telephone Directory

Deborah Treece volunteered to talk with Carl Gamble about having a telephone directory printed.

Tape Recorder

David Carpenter made a motion that Allen Gunter be authorized to purchase a tape recorder for use by the Recording Secretary for taking minutes. Allen is to be reimbursed up to $100 for the cost of the recorder which will be the property of the Association. The motion was seconded by Deborah Treece and passed unanimously.


There was some discussion concerning possible guard rails at the ditches along Green Emerald. No final decision was made.

Next Meeting

Thursday, March 25, 2004 starting at 6:30pm at Bailey Middle School (Deborah Treece will schedule the room).


Respectfully Submitted,

Allen Gunter
Recording Secretary
March 18, 2004