Annual Homeowners Meeting - November 16th

The annual Estates of Shady Hollow Homeowners Association Meeting is at 6:30 on Thursday November 16th at Bailey Middle School. If we have a quorum the Meeting agenda: Welcome, Introductions, and Opening Comments, Treasurers Report, Nominations for Board Candidates, Introduction by Board Nominess/Candidates, General Election - Voting on Board Members, Solicitation for ACC Members and Announcement of Voting Results. A quorum is 51% of the homeowners. If we do not make quorum, the attendance at the November meeting according to our Bylaws will constitute a quorum regardless of the number of homeowners present. Please join us for our annual meeting.

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Oak Wilt Presentation by Clay Bales, CF AF CA | Texas A&M Forest Service

ESH Oak Wilt Presentation

Facebook and Nextdoor Sites

Residents have setup Facebook and Nextdoor Social Media sites if you are interested. Sites are not endorsed or managed by HOA board or management company